God in his wisdom chose the Jewish people but we kind of think it’s because we’re so special, so talented, so sensitive, so intelligent, so sophisticated, so charming, so humble. None of that’s true, He chose us because we were the least of all nations, the book of Deuteronomy tells us. In our weakness we receive His strength. That’s what the book of Deuteronomy tells us about why He chose us. Out of all of the Gentile nations of the world He chose us. So we are the Jews and these are the Gentiles. So if you’re Jewish you can’t be a Gentile. Right? If you’re a pinky, you can’t be a thumb. If you’re a Gentile you can’t be Jewish. Not possible. You’re either one or the other.

So what’s happened to us Jews is that we have because of what we’ve experienced over the last couple of thousand years. We made a legal assumption that all of these people on this side are Christians, not Gentiles. We’ve assumed that if you’re a Gentile, you’re automatically a Christian. I know that’s not true. You know that’s not true but that was my mindset and the mindset of my family and everyone person that I’ve ever known growing up in my life. We talked about the Jews and the Christians as opposed to the Jews and the Gentiles. Keep that in the back of your mind. I came back from the trip to California and suddenly I here that there’s going to be a convention of International Convocation of Messianic Jews. A what? An International Convocation of Messianic Jews. All eight of them are coming. I had no idea that I was going to go to that meeting. Ultimately, I wound up at the meeting.

I got there late. I rushed to the meeting and ran in. Missed the first session but was there for the next couple of hours. On the way out I see this lady who’s obviously been ill. I don’t know if its muscular dystrophy or what the problem was. She’s carrying a briefcase and carrying a Bible and suitcase and she can’t make it. I was a boy scout and my mother did teach me good manners, so I went over to help this lady.

I’m carrying her bag and my bag and we’re going along and she said,” Mr. Telchin, how long have you been a believer.” And I said,”Whoa baby, I ain’t no believer. I’m an inquirer.” And she said”Do me a favor. I’m tired lets sit down for a minute and would you do me another favor and open my Bible to Exodus chapter 20.” I knew by this time in my study where Exodus was. It’s on our side. I opened it up and I read what it said, “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other gods before me.” She told me to close the Bible, so I close the Bible and I look at her. Her name was Evelyn and she says to me, “Who is your God?” I said, “What!” and she said, “Who is your God? Don’t get upset. Who is your God? Is your God the God of our Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or are you following after false gods?” I said, ‘What are you talking about?” She said, “False gods, like your golf game, your business, your wife, your house, your money? What do you spend your time thinking about? What do you spend your time worshiping? What do you spend your time being concerned about? God, or these other things?” It was like a lance right into my heart. I couldn’t go on with much of the conversation passed that. She had accomplished her objective. Score one for the enemy.

I got up and went to the dorm and got her set up and went to my dorm. The heat was building up on the inside of me. I was beginning to believe from my own study and the last thing I wanted to do in the world was to believe that Jesus was our Messiah. There was nothing in the world that I wanted to believe less than that Jesus was the Messiah.

We went to have some meals and I met some people and one of the young women, her father had been a rabbi in Washington DC and she had become a complete atheist during the Holocaust and the war. Something had happened to her and she too became a follower of the Messiah. She was a charming woman and her husband was great and some of the other people with whom I was having my meal with were great.

I got to bed that night and I was in terrible turmoil. I now had a lot of evidence that could not be refuted in my mind. I’m arguing with myself. I kept saying to myself that it can’t be true, but on the inside of me I’d say, but it is true. It can’t be true, look what happened here and look what happened here, look what happened here look what happened……. Did God do these things?

It’s now 11:00 or 11:30 and it’s 95 degrees on the outside and on the inside it’s probably about 110 and I can’t sleep. This guy named Art, that’s with me in the room there, I hear him moving around about midnight and I asked him if he was awake. He said, “yes, what is the matter?” I said,” I’m having a terrible time would you do me a favor? Would you pray for me?” He said, “Sure.” He just prayed that God would give me peace, and the turmoil on the inside of me would be settled, and that He would reveal Himself to me in his fullness. The next thing I knew it was 6:30 in the morning and I’m up and Art is still sleeping because I kept him up.

I rush out and shower and get ready and I’m starved. I’m so hungry. I go to the dining room which opens at 7:00. I get there at about ten after 7 and there are the gals and guys that I’d been having breakfast with every morning in this cafeteria and so I ran up to them and they let me squeeze into the line and nobody made faces. We go down the chow line and we get through and we come to our place and set down our plates. By this time I know by now that you don’t just sit down and pick up a knife and fork like home. You don’t do that. Someone’s got to say something. I looked at Shirley, and she said, “Stan, would you lead us in prayer?” I thought, “What do I know about prayer? I know the prayer over the bread, that’s all I know, I don’t know how to pray anything else.”

But by this time I know that they always seem to be talking to God as if God was listening. So on the spur of the moment, I too began to pray. I thanked God for the time that I’d had and the good night’s rest and the new friends I’d made and for His revealing Himself to me and then I ended the prayer “In Jesus Name”. When that happened, I want to tell you, their heads shot up because by this time they knew who they were dealing with. Their heads shot up and my head shot up and I started to cry and they started to cry. I knew it was true, I knew it was true, but I was counting the cost. I was so afraid to confess Jesus to be Lord of my life and my Messiah. I was so afraid of what other people would think and what other people would say.

Ultimately, the power of the truth began to just erupt from me. There was no argument that I could possibly come up with which dealt with the issue, not the smoke screen, that dealt with the issue-Is Jesus the Messiah?-the five questions I’d asked. We must of hugged, we must laughed and cried for 10 minutes and then one word came to my consciencness -Ethel! Ethel! She wasn’t with me and we had decided to each do our own study. She would do her thing and I would do my thing. I gave her permission so be as wrong as she chose to be and I was going to do what was right. We agreed that no matter what each of us decided, it was going to be ok. We gave each other permission to come to a wrong conclusion.

I rushed to the phone and called her. I said, Sweetheart?” and she said, “What?” and I said,”It’s true.” She said, ‘What’s true?” I said, “Jesus is our Messiah.” Then she said, “Oh, thank God. That makes it unanimous.”

You see what had happened is that while I was in San Francisco at the Million Dollar Round Table, my daughter, Ann, had been invited by a high school friend to go to L.A. and I didn’t know this friend was a Jewish believer. She’s out there in L.A. and one thing led to another and my daughter, Ann, also became a believer. While I’m in San Francisco and Ann is in L.A. my wife decides to go to Boston to visit Judy. As Ethel says she went to bed one night not believing and the next morning she woke up and she believed.

They had a made an agreement, my wife and my two kids, that they weren’t going to tell Daddy because Daddy was the one who was suffering the most. We loved each other so much we didn’t want to risk that any one of us would make a decision of this consequence because of our love for one another. Each one of us had a chance and a responsibility of making their own decision. My wife told me what had happened to Ann in California and what had happened to her in Boston and what had happened to me Pennsylvania. I just wept. I just wept and I wept and I wept.

I have to tell you this. I became a believer at about 7:15 in the morning of July 3rd, 1975. I can’t tell you which way I was seated in the dining room but if I knew almost 23 years ago that Jesus is indeed the Messiah, the Messiah of Israel, my Messiah, can you imagine how much more I know it today. There is not a single subject today in the world that I have studied as much as I’ve studied the scriptures. Nothing! If they were giving out credit, I’d probably have enough credit for at least 3 PhD’s. There is no subject that I ever studied as aggressively as I studied this subject. I knew it not only in my heart but in my mind and through the core of my being, that Jesus really is our Messiah. If I knew that then, can you imagine, how much more convinced I am today.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my story. It may have seemed strange to you that I’ve shared so many personal things of my life with you. And you may say why would a guy like you want to do a thing like that? I suppose the reason is because receiving Jesus as Lord of my Life is the probably the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. I know how my life has changed since then. I want to make that opportunity available to you. It may be that you are right now where I was so many years ago and you’re saying, “Is this guy for real? Is it true? Could Jesus possibly be the Messiah? Is it real?” My answer to you is that despite everything that I tried to do to disprove His Messiahship, His Lordship, I know, because I know, because I know, that He really is Lord. I want to give you an opportunity to share what I know and the experience that I had. Not only I, but everyone of us who has confessed Jesus as the Lord of our lives. If my testimony has touched you, if you can understand and really believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, then I invite you to just repeat the prayer I’m going to pray right now.

Father God, I know that I’ve blown it. I know that I’ve blown it so often during my lifetime. But I don’t want to blow it anymore. I don’t want to live like I used to live. I don’t want to do what I used to do. I want to live a life that’s pleasing to you. I want to change the nature and the quality and the direction of my life. So I ask you Father God to forgive me for all the things I’ve done, all of the mistakes I’ve made. Forgive me, Father. And Lord I right now, confess Jesus to be Lord of my Life. And I do believe that you raised Him from the dead. So based upon that and based upon what your Word tells me, I’m now born again, I’m your child, I’ve come to you in faith. I asked you Lord God to reveal your perfect will to me. Help me to become the person that you want me to be. I asked you this Father God, in Jesus name, Amen.

My friend if you prayed that prayer right now and I hope that you did I thank God and I rejoice with you and with the angels in heaven because you’re truly born again right now and eternal life does belong to you. Not because of what you’ve done, but because you’ve come to God in Faith. I want to encourage you with all of my heart to begin to read God’s Word. A great place to begin is the Gospel of John and what ever you do get with a good Bible believing, Bible teaching church. Come in as a baby with your heart open to receive God’s Word. Open yourself to all that God will reveal to you in the weeks and months and years ahead as you seek to be the person that He has called you to be. I thank God for you and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you, in Jesus name.

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